We are closing in on the largest Hearts On Fire Conference, ever!!!!

Our first year at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge is going to be one you will not forget. We currently have 444 churches represented.   Registration is very close to 9000. We have 12 states represented from as far north as Ohio and Indiana, as far west as Mississippi and as far south as Florida.

I have been getting many phone calls wanting to know if we still have seats available. Yes, we still have seats available. Additional wristbands can be purchased at Registration. Remember, we do not take credit or debit cards at the event. You can however pay with cash or check. Also, no worries about when you arrive, there will be someone at the Registration desk both Friday and Saturday throughout the event. When you arrive just follow the signs to Registration, pick up your wristbands and take a place in line.

We are very excited and look forward to seeing you on Friday, November 21. It is going to be awesome!

Hearts On Fire Pigeon Forge Update…

Hearts On Fire, Pigeon Forge 2014, is going to be AWESOME!!!

For those of you who haven’t registered yet, no worries, we still have space available. Although the numbers are up from 2013 the LeConte Center will hold more people and we are still fine. You can register online either by the Check Payment Form or by using your credit card and going through PayPal (you can register as a guest if you don’t have a PayPal account).

You may ask why we have a deadline? If we didn’t have a deadline and you waited until the last minute and we were full, you would be very upset. One year that very thing happened. So many people waited until the last minute to register that we were full and many were told they couldn’t come. That was very difficult for us to turn people away and hard for those churches to break the news to their youth. That is why we have a deadline.

We are very excited about the new venue and the lineup we have for this year. Please keep the conference in your prayers. As Scott says, “the conference will never be any better than the prayers we put in to it.” Pray that many lives will be changed and that souls will be saved.

Only 20 more days!!!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions,


Where has the time gone? Do you believe it is only 5 weeks until Heart On Fire Pigeon Forge?

I wanted to take this time to remind you that next Friday, October 24 is the deadline for T-Shirt orders. As always, we will have some shirts for sale at the event however, there will be a limited number and sizes available. The deadline to register is set for two weeks from today on Friday, October 31. Now is the time to really get those youth to commit and send in your registrations.

This year Hearts On Fire is going to be amazing! I know, I know, I say that every year. Two of our favorite speakers will be with us this year, Clayton King and Tony Nolan. They are both very respected and great men of God who always pour into you the words that God lays on their hearts. We have had them many times before and we know them. They are just what you see. We love them and we know you do too! Just an FYI, because I know many of you stay over and attend church on Sunday in Sevierville, Tony will be speaking in the 8am and 11am services at FBC Sevierville. I know he would love to see you there. The concerts this year are going to be awesome! The NEWSBOYS and The CITY HARMONIC are going to present concerts like you have never seen before at Hearts On Fire. Believe me when I say that, you will see a concert like you have never seen before at Hearts On Fire!

The Hearts On Fire Band will be leading worship and we know they will be singing songs that your youth group sings at home. They will certainly prepare your hearts for worship. We know from your response, that our friends Roger Williams & the AMUQ and 3D are favorites of your group and they will be joining again as well.

Our first year in Pigeon Forge at the beautiful LeConte Center is going to be one you will never forget.

Register NOW!

Check Out The Pigeon Forge Promo Video!

We now have the 2014 Promo Video running on our website. Please feel free to use this to show your youth group what they are in store for at this year’s conference.

I have received several calls about how to navigate our website. On the home page you will see a large button on the right that says Pigeon Forge. Click on the button and it will direct you to the page showing our lineup for the conference. Just above 2014 Lineup you will see a row of tabs. Click on Pigeon Forge and you will see a drop down menu for Registration, Lodging and other information regarding the conference.

As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me at 865-776-2629.

Looking Good!!

Just a quick update, registration is going great! As of right now registration is up by 16 churches and 154 people. Alpha and Omega sessions are only separated by 1 person.

We invite everyone to help us promote the conference on Facebook. We are in the process of dissolving the Group page, and ask that you Become a Fan of our
new Community page at
where you can stay informed on current details about Hearts On Fire Youth Conferences.

OnTwitter we would like you to let us know what you’re expecting God to do this year at Hearts On Fire Pigeon Forge! Use #HOF2014 and let’s spread the word!

Thank you for your interest in Hearts On Fire Ministries. We hope to see you in Pigeon Forge on November 21 & 22!

SIXTEEN WEEKS until HOF Pigeon Forge

This year to date is another one for the record books. You may think, sixteen weeks, we have plenty of time. Do you? The number registered so far is four times the number registered at the same time last year. That is phenomenal! We commend you on planning ahead.

Remember as Scott would say, “the Hearts On Fire conference will only be as good as the prayers we put into it.”

As always if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, 865-776-2629.


Brochures were mailed on Friday so be watching for the HEARTS ON FIRE PIGEON FORGE information. I know that many of you have gotten yours already because I have been getting calls. I honestly believe 2014 will be the most well attended conference we have ever had.

I am very excited about the new venue, LeConte Center. If you have been to Pigeon Forge lately and have gone to The Island, you have seen the LeConte Center. The Parking areas for The Island and the LeConte Center adjoin.

In our brochure this year you will notice the hotels are not listed. In the paragraph on top of the schedule you will see that the Pigeon Forge Housing Bureau is in charge of the lodging. We have negotiated with many hotels and cabins in Pigeon Forge and the housing bureau has made it very easy for you to make your lodging reservation. Go to our website,, click on Pigeon Forge and then on Lodging. Once you have done this you will see “Book Your Lodging For Hearts On Fire”, click Learn More. At the bottom of the page you will be asked for an email and a password to log onto the sites to book your reservation online. By clicking “View Participating Accommodations” you can see a description for each hotel listed. If you have any questions about your lodging you can call the Housing Bureau at 1-800-947-9669. The Bureau is open Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm EST.

I believe that is the only new registration change that we have this year and I think it will really help you in making your plans.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and remember if you have any questions, just give me a call, 865-776-2629.