The Wait Is Almost Over

Just a quick message to let you know that on Monday, November 14 at 12:00 noon, online registration will shut down. Make every effort to register now! You can still add on and also register at the event as long as space is available. The cost is $45. We have space available in the Omega Session but the Alpha Session has more seats available. This is the first year pre-registration has gone over 10,000. We are very excited!

Please visit our website, for schedule questions.

In case you missed our latest announcement Emily Ann Roberts, runner up on season 9 of The Voice, has been added to the schedule. She will be joining us on Friday night.

The 30th year of Hearts On Fire will be one of the greatest conferences we have ever had.

Please keep the conference and each of those involved in your prayers.

We will see you in 8 days!!


Three Months From Today….

We will be at the LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge celebrating the 30th year of Hearts On Fire. This year is going to be filled with more speakers and musicians than ever before.  We also have some surprises still to be revealed!


Make sure you register early and pay before October 28 in order to get the rate of $35. Also, as a reminder, help us support the Pigeon Forge Housing Bureau by booking your lodging through our website.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me, or 865-776-2629.



Hearts On Fire 2016 Registration & Other Important Information


This year will be like no other year in the history of Hearts On Fire. You don’t want to miss the 30th year!!

November 18, 19, 2016

LeConte Center in Pigeon Forge.

Speakers for 2016: Clayton King, Tony Nolan, David Nasser and Dave Edwards

Never before have we had four speakers at one event!

Praise & Worship with our own Hearts On Fire Band,

Roger Williams & the AMUQ and THE SKIT GUYS!

Concerts by for KING&COUNTRY and Lauren Daigle

A few things to tell you about that are a little different than in past years:

Two different registration fees this year! If you register and we receive your money prior to the deadline of October 28, the cost will be $35 but if we receive your registration after October 28 the cost will be $45. This means that add-ons after October 28 will be $45. Remember registration is not confirmed until we have received your payment and we do not give refunds.

New this year, per your request, Hoodies! The cost of hoodies is $25 and yes they can be pre-ordered. Pictures of the 2016 T-Shirt and Hoodie are available on our website,

We want to involve your youth group this year in our promotions. In your most upbeat and energetic way, we ask that you email a video to us at

Using your phone, video your youth group. The video should include telling us the name of your church, where you are from and why you are coming to Hearts On Fire. At the end of your video we need you to say, “Hearts On Fire is one youth conference you don’t want to miss”.   This will be fun and you just might see yourself on our website, in a mass email, on the screen at the event or some other form of advertising.

Don’t forget to remind your youth about the Hearts On Fire Scholarship. All information is on the website.

If you have any questions about HOF Pigeon Forge 2016, visit our website, or contact me, Judy at 865-776-2629.


We ask that you keep the conference in your prayers in the months leading up to the event!


See you in November!



Only 3 nights to sleep before HOF GATLINBURG!

HOF 2013 is almost here! Soon you will be loading the vans and buses and heading to Gatlinburg, TN for a wonderful weekend of Praise & Worship.

We have been getting phone calls from many of you with questions about the weekend and we thought this might be a good time to share those answers with you.

You have now set a record for pre-registration! For the first time in the history of HOF the pre-registration has gone over 9000. The Omega session filled up quickly and we had to close the registration, only for that session. There is still room in the Alpha session. You can register your group online through Wednesday. No registrations will be taken online or by phone after 2:00pm Wednesday.

If you have one or two or three more that you would like to bring with you, at this point, you can add them at the event and pay for them when you arrive, space permitting (for Omega churches who have already registered this applies to you as well)!

For those of you who have never attended, there will be signs directing you to Registration on the Historic Nature Trail Entrance to the Convention Center. It is only necessary for one leader from each group to pick up wristbands, (no forms needed). Give us your church name, pick up your wristbands and you can join your group in line. At this time those who pre-ordered T-shirts will pick them up in the Registration area. If you need to pay for additional registrations, remember we only take cash or check. No credit cards. The cost for Registration at the event is still $35 per person.

We will have HOF event T-shirts available for sale at three locations, upstairs near registration and two locations downstairs. The cost is $12 for Short Sleeve and $15 for Long Sleeve.

According to the local meteorologist, the forecast for Friday is a high of 63̊ and a low of 53̊ with a 60% chance of showers. The prediction for Saturday is a high of 58̊ and a low of 31̊ with a 60% chance of showers. As we all know, that can change very quickly and we are praying the chance of showers will decline. Please come prepared for rain – the lines form outside.

Lines will begin forming up to two hours before the session begins. Seating is first come/first serve, but we ask that you would be kind and considerate while you are in line. Be patient, and respectful of those around you and do not push and shove. Do not run once you get into the Convention Center and do not stand on seats. We have 6000 seats ready and waiting for you.

Leaders, remember that to some of your youth you are the most Christ-like example they have. Please let them see someone that Christ can be proud of.

Telephone Calls
We will be leaving for Gatlinburg on Thursday morning to set up for the event. At this point everyone should be set and ready. Phone calls are very difficult to answer during the event. If you have any questions regarding your registration they can be addressed when you arrive.

We hope this addresses all of the questions you may have and that this will make your planning easier.

Already Blessed!
I spoke to a gentleman today who said their Pastor prayed over them on Sunday before sending them to the conference this weekend. They had one saved after that prayer! What a way to begin the conference!

Pray for Hearts On Fire! See You Soon!


We have been watching the numbers for a few days and we are excited to say that Omega has reached the limit for pre-registering. There is a maximum that we can take in each session in order to meet the Convention Center and Fire Code regulations.

Now for more good news, we still have room in the Alpha Session. We would encourage those of you who have not registered yet to register as soon as possible for the Alpha Session.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and remember to pray for the conference, only nine days away!

Two Weeks from Tonight….

Hearts On Fire Gatlinburg will just be starting! I can’t wait! We are looking forward to an amazing conference. Already the attendance is more than we had last year for pre-registration. That means that this is on target to be the largest attended conference in the history of Hearts On Fire.

I just wanted to make you aware that the Omega Session is very close to capacity. For those of you who have not registered, the Alpha Session is available. If you have already registered for Omega and just have a few add-ons please feel free to do so. We allow for the additions to be made to previous registrations.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Come prepared to receive a blessing!

Let the countdown begin!!!!!!

HOF Gatlinburg is only 10 Weeks Away…

Have you registered?

I hope you have visited our website, recently. If you have, you noticed our new look and also advertising on the right of the screen. Many of our friends in the area have so graciously partnered with us to bring you more information about places to eat, places to stay, things to do and services that may help you in your own ministry.

I wanted to let you know that we now have a promotional clip for HOF Gatlinburg on our website as well. Many of you have asked about this and our production crew has done an amazing job of getting a great promo online for you. Please share it with your youth groups.

We are anxiously awaiting this year’s conference in Gatlinburg. For those of you who have attended for many years you know that David Nasser is a great friend of HOF and we always look forward to the message that God lays on his heart for us. Kyle Idleman has never spoken at HOF but I know that many of you have heard him, and from the phone calls I have gotten, are very excited that he will be with us. As for the concerts, this is the first year we have had Tenth Avenue North. We have gotten many requests to have them and we are happy they could be with us this year. At our last conference in Branson we had for KING & COUNTRY. Those who attended that conference know what a privilege it is to have them with us in Gatlinburg. Aside from our guest, we have those that you love and are familiar with; the HOF Band, (which by the way, will have the CD many of you have requested at the event), Roger Williams and the AMUQ and 3D.

In addition to the Gatlinburg Conference we have also been planning for two conferences in March of 2014. HOF will be returning to Charleston, SC on March 14 & 15, and for the first time to Oklahoma City, OK on March 28 & 29. We will have information available for those conferences a little later in the year.

We ask that you keep Hearts On Fire in your prayers! As Scott says, “the conference will never be any better than the prayer that we put into it.”

See you soon!