Hearts On Fire Gatlinburg, One for the Record Books!

We can’t begin to tell you what a blessing Hearts On Fire was this year. There are many people we need to thank but for fear we would leave someone out we would like to thank everyone – from the sweet ladies and gentleman who helped us pack the pre-ordered T-shirts to the very last person who loaded us out on Saturday night. We certainly could not hold Hearts On Fire without the help of so many. We love you and appreciate all the hours you devoted to Hearts On Fire Gatlinburg 2013.

We would like to take this opportunity to brag on all those in attendance! We watched as you filed into the convention center and we noticed how well behaved and kind you were. We know the weather conditions outside were not ideal and even though many of you waited for hours in the rain we did not have complaints. Thank you so much for your patience. We do the very best we can and your kind attitudes and understanding did not go unnoticed.

Our concerts this year were outstanding! We were blown away by both Tenth Avenue North and for KING & COUNTRY. They gave their all on stage not only once but for both sessions. Tenth Avenue North had traveled all night due to flight delays, but did everything within their power to get to HOF and God made the way. Many flights were canceled but not theirs. We are truly thankful they persevered and we applaud them for a performance that in no way reflected how tired they must have been. What can we say about for KING & COUNTRY except WOW! God certainly is using them to minister to many through their talents, their style of music and their love for the Lord that they present at each and every conference. After having the privilege to visit with them at two conferences, we know their desire is to serve God and to tell others about Him through their music. Thank you to both groups for spending time with us this year.

Hearts On Fire would be nothing without the speakers who bring the message that God puts before them to reach all who attend. Many times we get calls wanting to know what theme we are using for the year. Hearts On Fire has never had a theme because we don’t want to put our speakers in a “box” and tell them what they have to preach. We want the Lord to lead in each and every conference as He sees fit. What can we say to David Nasser & Kyle Idleman but “Thank You.” Both of these men brought a message from God and many hearts and lives were forever changed at Hearts On Fire 2013. Because of the message they shared with us, 416 life-changing decisions were made. Of those, 114 were salvation decisions, 159 were for recommitment, and 32 were for baptism. We praise God for those who were obedient to the call of the Lord on their lives and we encourage home churches to follow up on those decisions to encourage and disciple.

Of course we want to also thank our guests, Roger Williams and the AMUQ, 3D and our very own Hearts On Fire Praise Band!

Many of you have asked how many attended. We can honestly say that more attended this conference than ever in the history of Hearts On Fire. As for a definite number that is very difficult to be able to give. Many, many volunteers attend and we don’t always get the exact number, but those we have recorded number 9662. We had 425 churches who attended and twelve states represented. Praise God!

Please be planning now to attend Hearts On Fire Gatlinburg 2014 on November 21 & 22 as well as one of the conferences in March 2014 in Charleston, SC or Oklahoma City, OK. We would love to see you there!

Thank you again for attending and Hearts On Fire would like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas!