HOF Gatlinburg is only 10 Weeks Away…

Have you registered?

I hope you have visited our website, http://www.heartsonfireministries.org recently. If you have, you noticed our new look and also advertising on the right of the screen. Many of our friends in the area have so graciously partnered with us to bring you more information about places to eat, places to stay, things to do and services that may help you in your own ministry.

I wanted to let you know that we now have a promotional clip for HOF Gatlinburg on our website as well. Many of you have asked about this and our production crew has done an amazing job of getting a great promo online for you. Please share it with your youth groups.

We are anxiously awaiting this year’s conference in Gatlinburg. For those of you who have attended for many years you know that David Nasser is a great friend of HOF and we always look forward to the message that God lays on his heart for us. Kyle Idleman has never spoken at HOF but I know that many of you have heard him, and from the phone calls I have gotten, are very excited that he will be with us. As for the concerts, this is the first year we have had Tenth Avenue North. We have gotten many requests to have them and we are happy they could be with us this year. At our last conference in Branson we had for KING & COUNTRY. Those who attended that conference know what a privilege it is to have them with us in Gatlinburg. Aside from our guest, we have those that you love and are familiar with; the HOF Band, (which by the way, will have the CD many of you have requested at the event), Roger Williams and the AMUQ and 3D.

In addition to the Gatlinburg Conference we have also been planning for two conferences in March of 2014. HOF will be returning to Charleston, SC on March 14 & 15, and for the first time to Oklahoma City, OK on March 28 & 29. We will have information available for those conferences a little later in the year.

We ask that you keep Hearts On Fire in your prayers! As Scott says, “the conference will never be any better than the prayer that we put into it.”

See you soon!