HOF Charleston…3 Days, 23 Hours and Counting!!!

I am so excited!  The first Hearts On Fire Charleston is going to be AWESOME! Definition…Extremely impressive; inspiring great admiration; extremely good; excellent…Hearts On Fire Charleston is going to be all that, and more!

You know that feeling you have, when something just feels right.  Well, that’s the way we have felt about this conference.  Everything has fallen into place and God has been with us every step of the way.  That’s not to say that Satan hasn’t been trying to get his foot in the door but you know, as the song by Chris Tomlin says, “Our God is stronger than any other”, and He has everything in control.

We currently have over 550 people registered with 37 churches represented.  What an AWESOME, there’s that word again, GOD we serve.

Please keep the conference in your prayers as the date gets closer.  We still have seats available and although I hesitate to say you can register at the door, you can.  My only hesitation is that we might fill up and you wouldn’t be able to get in.  That would be an AWESOME problem to have.

Be praying that souls would be saved and lives will be changed.  Pray that God will speak through the speakers and will minister to lives through the music provided at the conference.

See you in Charleston!

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