HOF Charleston 2013

A Great Beginning…God is so good, always giving us exceedingly, abundantly, more than we ever dreamed or expected.  The final numbers for the weekend are in, with 608 in attendance, and most importantly, 144 life and eternity changing decisions for Christ!  We praise God for his blessings upon Hearts On Fire.

An event like this takes many volunteers and we want to thank all those who traveled to Charleston to help us.  We couldn’t have done it without you!  We are beyond blessed to have wonderful people working with us who love Hearts On Fire and give of their time to make this event possible.

Hearts On Fire was blessed this year to have two amazing speakers, Tony Nolan and Anthony Kendall.  God certainly had his hand on both of them and through them, and their willingness to serve Him, many lives have been changed for all eternity.  Our prayer is that each student who attended will take that fire within them and impart what they learned to their churches and other students.

The worship music by Roger Williams & the AMUQ was once again heart-felt, spirit filled, and just plain fun!  Roger has been given the special gift to reach across any age barrier to reach students and adults alike.  Their music can touch your heart and lift your spirits in a very special way.

Concerts by Jimmy Needham, Citizen Way, Chris August and Big Daddy Weave were great!  Each of these individuals and groups brought their own way of worship to the stage and each exceeded our expectations.  They blessed our hearts in song with praises to God.

Thanks so much to Charleston Southern University for allowing us to hold the first Hearts On Fire Charleston on their beautiful campus.  Everyone there was so kind and accommodating in helping us from lodging, set-up, production, and tear down.  We can’t thank you enough.

Of course we want to thank each of you who attended and would ask you to share your experience with someone and invite them to attend next year.

We can’t wait to see what God has planned for HOF Charleston 2014!

HOF Charleston…3 Days, 23 Hours and Counting!!!

I am so excited!  The first Hearts On Fire Charleston is going to be AWESOME! Definition…Extremely impressive; inspiring great admiration; extremely good; excellent…Hearts On Fire Charleston is going to be all that, and more!

You know that feeling you have, when something just feels right.  Well, that’s the way we have felt about this conference.  Everything has fallen into place and God has been with us every step of the way.  That’s not to say that Satan hasn’t been trying to get his foot in the door but you know, as the song by Chris Tomlin says, “Our God is stronger than any other”, and He has everything in control.

We currently have over 550 people registered with 37 churches represented.  What an AWESOME, there’s that word again, GOD we serve.

Please keep the conference in your prayers as the date gets closer.  We still have seats available and although I hesitate to say you can register at the door, you can.  My only hesitation is that we might fill up and you wouldn’t be able to get in.  That would be an AWESOME problem to have.

Be praying that souls would be saved and lives will be changed.  Pray that God will speak through the speakers and will minister to lives through the music provided at the conference.

See you in Charleston!

HOF Charleston…Almost HERE!

I can’t believe that the first HOF Charleston is only 1 week and 6 days away.  We are very encouraged and excited about the response we have received and the enthusiasm of those who have registered.

The registration deadline was advertised as March 1 but as of now we still have seats available.  If you have others who want to attend, and have not signed-up, you can still register them online.  We have extended the online registration to March 11.  If you have any question about the availability of seats you can contact us at 865-776-2629.

Please be much in prayer for the conference.  Pray that many souls will be saved and lives will be forever changed. Be praying now for our speakers, Tony Nolan and Anthony Kendall. Pray that God will give them the message, and the words to say, that will impact those who attend for the rest of their earthly and eternal lives.  Pray that the concerts and musicians be filled with the Holy Spirit and that each word they sing will point others to Christ.  In the words of Jimmy Needham, “Our ministry’s goal at every event is to make Jesus Christ famous.”

Let’s join with him and make, “Jesus Christ famous” at this, the first, Hearts On Fire Charleston!!