Hearts On Fire Branson – AWESOME!

After a month of absorbing what God did in Branson I am now ready to let you know what one weekend meant to all who attended.  Over 400 youth and workers were in attendance.  They got off buses and vans with a contagious enthusiasm for being there.  Many had never attended a conference before.  It was like a small version of the conference in Gatlinburg with all of the same excitement.  The best news of all is that over 139 decisions were made.  Of those 41 were for Salvation  53 were for Recommitment and 10 were for Full Time Christian Service.  God is so good!!

I would like to share with you excerpts from just a few of the written notes I have received since the conference…

“Thank you for coming to Branson…Everyone that we took had a blast…One of our youth accepted Christ…It was an incredible experience…All of us were ready for next year before we got out of the parking lot on Saturday…Again I cannot say thank you enough.”

“We had a great time!  We will definitely return next year and will enlist more kids to go!  Once they hear how great this was I am sure we will get more!”

“Our kids had a great time and were significantly impacted.”

I would like to thank everyone who made this weekend possible.  The volunteers who went with us from Sevierville were absolutely amazing.  We could never have made it without them and all their hard work and sweet spirits.  The Welk Resort, the Welk Resort Theater and the City of Branson were all wonderful to us.  They made us feel so wanted and welcomed. Our speakers Tony Nolan and David Nasser as well as Kristian Stanfill, Roger Williams & the AMUQ and 3 D brought their messages from God to those who attended in just the way the Lord had planned.

Just think of the lives that have been changed for all eternity as a result of having attended Hearts On Fire Branson for the very first time.  I can only imagine what Hearts On Fire Branson 2012 will be like.

See you in Branson, October 2012!


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