Hearts On Fire 25!

What can I say?  For all of those who attended you know what I mean.  Every year I say this, and every year I repeat myself by saying this, “This was the best conference ever!”  Hearts On Fire 25 will go down as the largest conference to date.   There were 8663 registered prior to the event beginning with 405 churches represented.  In comparison last year at the beginning of the conference there were 7396 registered with 341 churches represented.  Thank you for attending.  Without you there would be no reason for Hearts On Fire.  God blessed the conference in such a tremendous way.  During the two-day conference there were over 780 decisions made.  Praise God!  That is just amazing! Of those there were 409 Salvations!  God is so good!  I am still getting calls and emails about decisions that were made as a result of having attended even all these days later.   He is still dealing with the hearts of many who attended, keep praying.

Hearts on Fire was honored to have with us David Nasser and Clayton King as our speakers this year.  The messages they brought were direct from God as evidenced in the decisions that were made.  We are so thankful for both of these men and the Christian witness that they live and tell others about daily.  We were happy to have the David Crowder Band join with us for one of their last tour dates.  The Hearts On Fire Band was amazing, as always, preparing our hearts for the message with praise and worship.  We want to thank 3D for the interpretive worship and also Roger Williams & the AMUQ for a surprise visit.  Robert Tino also created a beautiful portrait of Christ which was a great testimony to the gifts that God has given him.  We cannot thank each of these people enough for what they brought to Hearts On Fire 25.  I can’t begin to thank each and every volunteer who helped but without the help of many there would be no Hearts On Fire.  I began listing all of the different ways that people helped but they were just too numerous to write and the best way I know is to just give each of you who helped a genuine heartfelt  “THANKS”.

This year brought with it the opportunity to thank Scott Carter for his vision of beginning Hearts On Fire 25 years ago.  What began with just a few God has multiplied to many.  For those of you who attended you know that in Scott’s honor the Scott Carter Scholarship was initiated.  Please watch the website for the guidelines of nominating someone to be the first recipient of the $1000.00 scholarship to be awarded at Hearts On Fire 2012.

Many have asked about purchasing a DVD of Hearts On Fire 25 and yes we will have one available through the website.  Please visit often to see when the DVD is available.  Also, if you were in attendance you know that the date has changed for 2012.  Hearts On Fire 26 will be held on November 2 & 3 in Gatlinburg, TN.  Yes, it is earlier so please mark your calendars now and begin planning your trip.

This was an amazing year for Hearts On Fire.  The very first Hearts On Fire Branson was held and the largest attendance in Gatlinburg was recorded.  We ask that you begin praying now for Hearts On Fire 2012.


One thought on “Hearts On Fire 25!

  1. I am a 15 year old every day teenager. I myself have over come some major challenges in my life and in 2011 I attended hearts on fire for the first time. Now I know why its called hearts on fire! After leaving it changed how I looked at life day to day. It has also caused me to get more involved in my church. All I can say is thank you for what you do. And I cant wait for 2012!!!!

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