Branson Here We Come!

Well, we loaded the bus at 6:30am in Sevierville, Tennessee and are on our way to Branson, Missouri for the first Hearts On Fire Branson.  We are so excited and filled with anticipation of what the Lord has planned.  Please pray for traveling mercies for everyone involved with the conference.  As of today we have 411 people registered representing 33 churches and 5 different states.  It will be interesting to get the final number of those who attend.  The first Hearts On Fire began with just a handful of people and grew to a little over 100 quickly and this year is on target to have over 9000 in Gatlinburg, TN.  In 25 years I wonder how many will be attending Hearts On Fire Branson.  I think this is a great beginning and for those who are attending, our prayer is that they will leave with a fire in their heart for Christ and a renewed desire to live for Him.

As our bus of volunteers, production crew and musicians head to Branson I wanted you to know that you can still register for the conference.  You can call me to add more to what you have currently registered or you can register at the door on Friday evening.

We are excited and looking forward to meeting everyone at the conference soon!


HOF Branson Just 3 Days Away!

We can’t tell you how excited we are that all of the planning and all of the months of preparation are almost over and HOF Branson is this week.  We are anticipating the Lord working in a mighty way and for this, the very first HOF conference in Branson to be amazing.  This conference is an answer to prayer and our prayer is that you will be blessed by having attended.

The online registration form has been removed from our website but we still have space available and would love for you to attend.  I assure you that your youth group will be blessed and go away with a new fire in their hearts for the Lord.  You can still register at the door or by calling 865-776-2629.

See you in Branson,



Today is the deadline for T-Shirt Orders in Gatlinburg and the deadline for Registration in Branson. Without even looking at my brochure I know it’s the deadline because  my inbox is flooded with T-Shirt Orders and Registrations.  The deadline to register for Gatlinburg is November 4.  Many of you have asked if we still have room.  Yes, there is still room available for both conferences.  Registrations are going great!    God is so good!!!

If you have any questions about either conference, please give me a call or send me an email.



Whose Life Will You Touch?

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am.  Yesterday three more churches registered to attend HOF Branson.  I just love talking to people from Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois and of course Missouri.  I have to tell you something funny.  Early on in the registration process I had an inquiry from California.  I couldn’t believe that a church all the way from California would be interested in traveling so far to attend the conference in Missouri.  Well, last week the youth pastor from First Baptist Church California, called to register!   I said, “you are coming all the way from California to the HOF conference in Branson?”  I was more than excited to see that people in California had actually heard of Hearts On Fire.  Well, he began to laugh, and for those of you in Missouri you know that he was calling from California, MISSOURI !!  We laughed together and then I registered his youth.

As excited as I am about registering those for Branson, I love, registering my old and new friends for the Gatlinburg conference.   Many of you have asked how the numbers are for this year and keep in mind they change daily, well hourly.  Currently 104 churches have already registered for HOF Gatlinburg.  Of those churches 56 have never attended before.  So far 9 different states are represented.  The total is up for this same date last year by 1167 people.  Many of you ask about the difference in the numbers between the Alpha and Omega conference, well as of right now the difference is 291 people.  Isn’t God good?

On a little side note, today would have been my mother’s 93rd birthday!  She went home to live with Jesus when I was only 25.  You know I never really realized how much she touched my life, until I got older.  The Lord has let me see that I  learned more from her, about Him, in those 25 years, than most people learn in a much longer lifetime with their mother.  She was one of the most godly women I have ever known.     I am so thankful that God saw fit to place me in a home where my mother & father always put God first.

I say that, to say this,  very few people grow up in a home like I did, especially now days.  Most youth do not have mother’s who love them like mine loved me and who taught me that living for God is the most important thing in life.  I messed up many times but she was always there to help me pick up the pieces and move forward. You may be the only person in a young person’s life who shows them any type of love or concern.  It is hard for me to fathom, that as a youth leader, you may be the only person who tells that teenager about Jesus.  What a great opportunity God has given to you!  Please take a few minutes out of your day to pray for the conference in Branson and in Gatlinburg. Pray that lost souls will be saved and that youth will learn just how much God loves them.  Whose Life Will You Touch?