Branson – T-Shirt deadline TODAY!!!

Oh my, it is getting close!  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for the first Hearts On Fire Branson.  Just four more weeks and we will be sitting under two of the greatest speakers in youth evangelism and listening to concerts by very gifted musicians  and worship leaders.  I so wish I could impress upon the hearts of every youth leader within 250 miles of Branson how important this conference could be in the lives of their youth and the impact it could have on their entire youth group and church.

Just because today is the T-shirt deadline does not mean that it is the deadline to register.  The deadline for registration is October 14 but by all means register as soon as possible.  We can take registrations up until the very day of the conference as long as space is available.

If you have any questions at all please give me a call, 865-776-2629 or email me at  I would love to help you with any questions and like I said, “I love to talk about Hearts On Fire.”


Hearts On Fire Branson – Less than 6 Weeks Away!

I can hardly believe October 28 is less than six weeks away.  In one of my earlier posts it was sixteen weeks until Hearts On Fire Branson and it seems like that was just yesterday.  Time goes so quickly, but it seems like the desire in our hearts to have a second Hearts On Fire Conference has been burning for many years.  I just wish that I could have every church and every person who has been blessed by attending a Hearts On Fire Conference in Gatlinburg contact those in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Arkansas and say, “please attend, you will never be the same.”  Not to sound boastful but just desiring that as many as possible can witness what the Lord has in store and that lives may be forever changed as a result of having attended.   I have never left a conference without feeling that I had been blessed by God.  I promise you it will give you a new desire for serving the Lord.

We have tried to think of ways to convey just what the conference has meant to some who have attended in Gatlinburg by adding the Guestbook on our website. Tony Nolan & David Nasser have spoken for us at several conferences and they have shared with you a little of what the conference means to them on the website homepage.     In addition to comments from Tony & David, Dr. Randy C. Davis, Executive Director of the Tennessee Baptist Convention has given you a statement about how he feels about Hearts On Fire.  Please take the time to read what they have to say about the conference at

Our desire is that you will attend the conference this year and go back to your church with a renewed love for the Lord and a desire in your hearts to tell others about Christ.  We ask that you keep the conference in Branson in your prayers as well as the conference in Gatlinburg.  Pray that many will come to know Christ as their Saviour.

25 Years of Ministry!

What a great tribute to Scott Carter!  Many of us begin programs or activities or make plans to achieve lofty goals but soon they become too time-consuming, or they get in the way of our lives and we let them falter and then they are no more.  Not Scott!  The Lord has so blessed his efforts and the sacrifices he has made so that many other youth groups could hear the message that God loves them and died for them.  Those churches who have attended the Gatlinburg Conference for many years know that the Hearts On Fire Conference is all about our Savior and how choosing to live for Him is the most important decision they will ever make.

This year we are so excited to share the Hearts On Fire Conference with a totally different group of individuals from the states surrounding Branson, Missouri.  I just wish that somehow I could have the churches who attend in Gatlinburg call all the churches surrounding Branson and tell them what Hearts On Fire has meant to them.  Once you attend it will become an annual event for your youth group.  Many churches tell us they work all year to raise the money to come to this one conference.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful group in Gatlinburg.  We are excited that as the Branson conference grows we will get to know the individual churches who attend just like those in Gatlinburg.  It is fun to see the youth who have grown up attending Hearts On Fire  now as Youth Leaders bringing groups of their own.

We are looking forward to two great conferences this year and we want you there to share in the “First” and also the “Twenty-fifth” Hearts On Fire Conferences with us.