Branson, 8 Weeks Away

Where has the summer gone?  I can’t believe we are so close to the very first Hearts On Fire Branson Conference.  I am so excited!  Branson is going to be awesome!   For those of you who haven’t heard Tony Nolan or David Nasser you are in for a great Worship experience.  They are both awesome men of God and we are so fortunate to have them with us in Branson.  If you have any questions at all about the conference, please call me.  I really do love to talk about Hearts On Fire.  It is truly a passion of mine.  So many youth who come to Hearts On Fire may never have heard that Jesus loves them and wants them to surrender their lives to Him.  You, as youth workers are making that possible.  I know it is not always easy to chaperone youth but as an adult who has attended Hearts On Fire I guarantee you that you will come away from the conference with a greater love for Christ than you arrived with.  I have seen many adults as well as youth give their life to Christ at Hearts On Fire. That youth who wants to sign up after the deadline and causes you to have to scramble for an extra hotel room or throws off your numbers and now you are going to have to put someone on a cot in a room that already has the limit, may just be the one that God speaks to about accepting Him or the one who surrenders to full-time service and later becomes a pastor or missionary  or  a chaperone for Hearts On Fire twenty years from now.  Don’t let “self” get in the way of God’s plan.  As a youth worker just be prepared, to not be prepared and go with the flow.  It will be o.k.  If you run late and don’t make it to the conference until after it has started, that’s o.k.  If you think you forgot the wristbands, don’t worry you didn’t, they weren’t mailed.  You pick wristbands up at the event (now you know why they aren’t mailed).   Satan will always try his best to put obstacles in our way but “keep on keeping on” as a pastor of mine used to say.

Looking forward to a great conference and can’t wait to meet all our new friends in Branson, MO.


Hello Branson!!

I can’t tell you how excited we are about the very first Hearts On Fire Conference in Branson.  I have talked with people from so many different places.  I am used to getting calls from cities I recognize but when I get a call from El Dorado I have to stop and think, I’m not dealing with only those cities and states surrounding Tennessee.  We are so happy to be given the opportunity to serve God with those of you who live in the states surrounding Missouri.  God is so good, he guides our steps.  He doesn’t make mistakes.  We know that he has sent us to Branson and we are praying that many will come to know Christ through the conference.  Our only desire is to see souls saved and lives changed for Him.  Please keep the conference in your prayers.

On our visits to the Branson area we were met with kindness and some of the most gracious people we have had the opportunity to work with.  The Welk Theater is a very beautiful venue and the hotel is amazing.  I know that you will have a wonderful experience while attending the conference.

If you have any questions about the conference please feel free to contact me.  I love to talk about Hearts On Fire!